The development
of intelligent systems

Zirix program is the artificial intelligence technology realizing the functions of the
human thinking to assist a man in certain problems solution and life comfort promoting


What can do?

Zirix seeks information not by key words but analyzing the meaning of the text. As a search result, Zirix doesn’t show the quotations, but formulates the answer independently. The program keeps up a dialogue imitating human communication.
Where can
be applied?

At the moment, we are working in the following fields:

Car autopilot The similarity of our technology thinking to the human mind, especially the opportunity to make decisions considering the current situation enables the system to take control of the car even in the urban circumstances.

The system doesn't require any complicated sensors and radars to orientate itself on the road - the conventional video camera is enough.
Robotic science The thinking of ZIRIX will provide a robot with a very complicated and reasonable behavior, and the ability to understand the human speech will enable robots to complete the tasks given by means of ordinary human language
Translation The capability to understand the human speech considering the context of the conversation or an extensive text, as well as the ability to formulate the text independently will enable the system to make much better translations comparing to the conventional translation technologies.

Call center
ZIRIX will be able to read and understand texts about the products and services of the company independently. After that the system will be capable of carrying on a full-scale dialogue with a calling customer and to answer all the matters of concern. The ability to draw conclusions and generalize data will enable ZIRIX to answer even those questions, which are missing in an explicit form in the inquiries given to the system.

Search system
The peculiarity of this project is that the system doesn't simply search for the data on the basis of the user’s search query, but it carries on a dialogue with the user requesting for the more exact data which is needed to find the required information. As an answer ZIRIX doesn't offer the text fragment or the link to the web page, but formulates the solution containing the exact information requested by the user.

Personal assistant
The project comprises the functions of search system, knowledgebase and secretary. The system is able to take responsibility for a number of functions fulfilled by a secretary. The system can be given some tasks. Also, ZIRIX can answer phone calls.


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